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Carlyle I. Holder is a proven strategic and innovative executive leader with a career spanning 37 years in criminal justice.  Over his 27 years plus of distinguished service with the United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), he served 23 of those years as supervisor, manager, and executive.  He was a Chief Executive Officer (Warden) for 12 years. He attained the rank of Senior Executive Service the highest level one can achieve through Federal Civil Service. He is a veteran of the United States Marines and attended Allen Hancock College and New York University, where he majored in Criminal Justice.  He is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie and Aspen Institute Leadership programs. Mr. Holder was appointed to the Board of Directors of Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc. (PRIDE) and currently serves as its vice-chair. He also serves on the leadership council of the National Small Business Association.  He is a life member and inductee on the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice’ (NABCJ) Wall of Fame and served as its 12th National President.

An Entrepreneur at heart, he has founded several companies and currently serves as Chairman, President and CEO of the umbrella company, Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC (CMCG) where he provides overall leadership and guidance.  He also serves as President of CORE DC.

Mr. Holder is married, and he and his wife, Josephine, have six children.  He has dedicated his life to working with young and disenfranchised people and finding solutions to empowering them for a brighter future.  His favorite quote is “To whom Much is given- Much is required.”

Mr. Holder recently released his book “Can Anything Good Come Out of Prison – The Case for Prison Restructuring and Reintegration.


“Restructuring starts with the Warden.  The Warden must be wise to under shepherd a strongly will flock of women and men who have been literally locked in pins. If a prison is having riots and significant chaos, and illegal activity, look first to the Warden and then his staff.”


“It is imperative that we teach forgiveness across the world. It is the cure to what ails us. What I have learned over the years is unforgiveness cannot live in a heart of compassion.”

“She is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a grandmother, He is a son, a father, a brother, a grandfather. Unless absolutely necessary for family safety, those relation-ships should never be inhibited, but should be preserved at all cost; as they will be needed inside and outside of prison.”

“God forgives a man and makes Him a new creature. What right do we have to hold a man hostage to his past when he has completed the process of renewal? Should he not be given the opportunity to live again without threat and deprivation of civil rights and liberties, after God has spared his life?  The scripture says, “Who the Son set free is free indeed.”


“One cannot reintegrate good without infusing and investing good. Church involvement is critical in positive transformation and reintegration.  We must reach people where they are not where we are; that will require that we get uncomfortable, that we get free from our traditional thoughts. The formerly incarcerated will need to be educated, trained for employment, and become Godly Entrepreneurs. That infusion takes money and ministry; and the result will be a Godly family leader, community leader,  national leader, and /or world leader.”


“Grace does not discriminate. There is enough grace for both the victims and the violators, for families and the felons. We the believer must be the conduit of God’s grace; which has proven to be sufficient for us all. “


“These are men and women not inmates in these prisons. We cannot dehumanize people in prison and expect them to return to their communities rehabilitated. Positive restructuring of prisons will yield positive results for reintegration into families and communities, and that is what reduces crime and eliminates intergenerational incarceration.”

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The ministry is committed to training and inspiring the faith-based community and communities across the world to support the restructuring of prison and the reintegration of those directly and indirectly affected by incarceration.

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