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Can Anything Good Come Out of Prison?

“The Case for Prison Restructuring and Reintegration”

Can Anything Good Come Out Prison-The Case for Prison Restructuring and Reintegration,is an urgent and critical cogent work which makes the compelling argument of why we must redefine the prison system and the wider elements that drive restructuring and reintegration, so that these elements work for those in the system and the taxpayers who fund these elements. The Author, Retired Federal Bureau of Prison Warden Carlyle Holder, makes his argument underpinning his approach combined with his commitment to social inclusion and his belief in the potential of people, individually and collectively. He builds his case on the foundation of a question, “Can anything good come out of prison?” Then he subpoenas the government to testify, and then he selects family members, community leaders, politicians, communities, churches, and corporations to fulfill their legal duty and citizen privilege to serve on the jury for the case of; Can Anything Good Come Out Prison?: The Case for Prison Restructuring and Reintegration.

Holder who somehow has been converted from Warden to Defense Attorney, argues against the patent of treatment of the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated; while delicately, yet dangerously building the case that implicates branches of government, federal, state, and other inferior political subdivisions that inadvertently condone the organic barbaric treatment that strips men and women of their basic dignity. He argues that the promulgation of such treatment results in systemic imposed recidivism, and contradicts the commitment to community safety benefits. His proximity to both the court and the criminal, his faith and the prison residents places him in a most precarious position. Yet with courage, he walks into the courtroom of the mind of the reader and argues the case of Restructuring and Reintegration for the incarcerated and the formerly incarcerated, while standing his ground in the face of resentful opposition of opinions. He concluded by submitting to the divine purpose for his life; and his submission to that purpose, provided a glimmer of light that illuminated the paths of his staff, and residents so that he can answer unequivocally the proverbial question, Can Anything Good Come Out of Prison? with a resounding Yes!

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